Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What Just Happened?

Long time no talk.  The Baby continues to be good.  She's taking her sweet-ass time walking.  She's 14 months old, and will only pull herself to her knees yet.  We can get her to stand with assistance, but she hates it.  I've never worried too much about milestones, but this delay has gotten even me down.  The Wife is worried.  But we've got her set up with a physical therapist through our local school district, which is awesome, and brings me to the real point of this post - politics.

What the fck just happened?!

I really tried to dislike Hillary.  Failing that, I tried to understand the hatred for her.  Because people don't just dislike her policies.  They hate her as a human being.  And that I just cannot understand.  I have friends who are against Hillary, and to hear them speak about her, you'd think she had personally killed their dogs and stolen their homes.  Despite my best efforts, I just don't get it.

I really tried to like Trump.  Ah, that's bullshit.  I've thought Trump was a walking, flesh-colored pile of shit since I was old enough to know who he was.  But I did try to understand the reasoning of the people who do support him.  I've really tried.  I have quite a few relationships whose health depends on my gaining some level of understanding of why seemingly-reasonable people support him.  So far I'm failing.

Since the election, I've been way down.  Enough that I've considered getting back in touch with my therapist, but I don't know what good it would do.  Rereading that sentence makes me think it really would be a good idea - "what good would it do" could be the motto of the depressed (and I've tried to be up front that what I'm feeling is not Clinical Depression, or anything close to it).  Today has been better.  The Baby has been cheerful, and she's napped well enough that I could make what I think will be a kick-ass pie for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I try to remind myself that it won't be as bad as we fear it will be; it never is.  I've thought about the various ways Trump could bring down civilization as we know it, and while I still think they're all scarily plausible, I'm trying to remember that A) Trump isn't the first president, even in my lifetime, whose policies were opposed to my beliefs, B) those turned out OK, and C) there were millions of people who felt about Obama the way I feel about Trump.  I don't understand exactly why, but I can appreciate feeling like you've been steamrolled and railroaded for 8 years.

Anyway, this will never be a political blog - I'm not smart enough to argue.  But this is just the first of many times I'm worried about The Baby's future.