Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More on Patience

Last time I told you I'm working on patience.  That's true, but what does that mean?  I'm sure I don't fully understand everything going on in my head either, but I do know one thing that's helped - the timer on my iPhone.

It all came together like this - when The Baby was just a few weeks old, she liked to be walked to sleep, so I'd pace in our living room.  I started counting steps as a way of measuring how much work she was taking to go down, and then I started counting to keep myself from getting too eager, which could result in me setting her down before she was ready, which would mean her waking and us starting all over.  300 steps = roughly 300 seconds = about 5 minutes.  If she hadn't stirred in 300 steps, I'd try setting her down.

Fast forward a couple months.  The Baby no longer needs to be walked to sleep, but I still want to make sure I'm patient and don't assume too quickly that she's really down for the count, plus if she's not happy, time has a way of dilating.  What feels like 15 minutes is actually 5, and what feels like 30 is actually 10.  Timing keeps me honest and forces me to be patient.

This is something that works for me.  No guarantee it'll work for you, even if you try it.

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